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American Grain is documentation of the lived and sometimes hermetic experiences of Jesse and Kristen Crouse.

We’ve made granola bars. This is something that, considering how often we make granola, I’m surprised we just did. 

The recipe has chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, almonds, and pistachios toasted together with coconut flakes before adding a heated mixture of sugar, salt, nut butter, honey, and cinnamon. We made up the amounts and guessed about flavors so we could taste them and play around with them—we, of course, want to add CHOCOLATE next time and we are thinking a bit more fat, instead of relying on the nut butter, will help the bar keep a better moisture content during the week. 

Any favorite granola bar recipes out there? We’d love some input about this.

Making granola, porridge, and baked oatmeal probably summarizes my favorite activities to make the house smell delicious.

We’ve been needing more lunches since I’ve been helping out in a bakery lately and Jesse and I are busy with some pretty physical labor and long days. Jesse’s been getting ready for the brewer’s cup—this weekend he competes for the regional rounds. Expect photos and discussions, but we are pretty excited about the “nose” on our cups and our continued consideration of how brewing both impedes and enables coffee to taste, to develop flavor, and be amazing.

I have, in the works, some outlines for flavor profile signs and I’m hoping my slew of artistic friends will help me make these signs/posters lovely and charming.

Sorry to have been away from visual blogging for a bit. We’ve been in the garden, planning how to better incorporate herbs and vegetables into our bread or with our bread. We’ve finally bought some proper canning equipment and we’re looking forward to some jams and chutneys alongside bread. Until then, working hard on learning more about our new region and our developing pursuit of nurturing food.

Have been nose deep in another region, the West Coast, as I’ve been enjoying Sunset Magazine and its pretty eloquent and contemporary discussion of gardening and using gardening in cooking. 

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